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personal training

TRAIN smarter and RECOVER faster with K360 Training.


At Kinema, we believe fitness involves both the body and mind. Our personal trainers are educated and trained in all aspects of health and fitness. Our K360 method of training takes an individualized and holistic approach to personal training. Each K360 training session can incorporate fitness, recovery, and breath-work techniques to help achieve optimal results.

Each Kinema member receives a complimentary fitness consultation and K360 introductory session. This complimentary session can include the following:

  • Consultation discussing health history and goals

  • Body metrics including blood pressure, resting heart rate, and body composition

  • Personalized workout

  • Breathwork techniques throughout or or at end of workout

  • Active warm up and recovery with our Hyperice tools

Email Us to Schedule a Personal Training Session

Packages must be purchased prior to any sessions taking place. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy in effect. All sales are nonrefundable. Policies and prices are subject to change. Every member can receive one complimentary session. 

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